VIOLA LIGHT STUDY NO. 3 represents a further extension of my ongoing exploration of a movement-based improvisational practice with the violin/viola in which intention is consciously shifted away from the desire to produce specific sonic artifacts towards engagement with physical actions, which ultimately produce sound.

In a pitch-dark room I mount a single, battery-powered LED to the tip of my viola bow. The signal from a video camera trained on my body is fed into monitor, which serves in the dark as my only visual guide. Imagining the four corners of the monitor as a canvas or stage, the improvisation is guided by the sonic dance of the single, yellow light. The final video layers three identical tracks, each with a slight delay, accentuating the nuance of the movement through the subsequent trails of light. In the last few moments of the piece, a time-lapse image of the video monitor gradually fades in, registering a physical trace of the light’s path.